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    A little side note: https://nick.zoic.org/art/doom-git-gud/ inaccuracy is important :-)

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      An extremely introductory article on bullets in games.


      3 ways:

      1. Shoot an instant ray, not physics-based.
      2. Physically simulated bullet, better but more computation.
      3. A mix of 1 and 2, more realistic.
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        I’d like to point out that some games use a mix of both methods. For example, Halo has weapons such as the rocket launcher that have more slowly moving projectiles that can be dodged, as well as the normal raycasting weapons.

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          That’s in the article, too.

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          Arma 3 has some nightmare fuel on this–see the end of the video.

          The MG42 in Day of Defeat suffered a nerf when it left beta–so, the GoldSrc engine couldn’t actually keep up with the IRL firing rate of the gun which is something like 1200 rounds/min (20Hz). So, they did a trick where they’d cast multiple rays at a time to simulate the buzzsaw effect and just reduce the accuracy. Well, in DoD1.0 (as memory serves) they kept the effects and animations but removed the multiray casting and kept the inaccuracy. So, the MG34 was the strictly better option, and the balance suffered.

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            Would you mind adding a time stamp to the link? I don’t understand what at the end of the video is the nightmare fuel you’re referring to.

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              Here should do it.

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            Got this from HN. There was also a subthread with links on managing multiplayer state.