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    Little Snitch was usually the first program I installed on new Macs.

    It’s probably the only tool I really miss after abandoning OS X.

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      You might find OpenSnitch interesting, then. I haven’t played with it a ton, but it’s high on the list for next time I’m mucking with my desktop environment.

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      And are these like these that makes people start considering leaving Firefox once again…

      Seriously unless they went through and discussed each and all these connections and gave a valid reason (and a way to control it from a user perspective), this is going to be yet another black stain.

      I use Firefox mostly for a moral reason (diversity and supporting a foundation rather than a fishy company) but at least with Google stuff stays within themselves.

      What a weird situation, I always used to have “the clear winner” in choosing browsers but now it all seems grey and fuzzy.

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        How many times do you restart your browser, and does that really have a significant part on your decision regarding which browser to use?