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    640×200 in 2 colors
    160×100 in 16 colors

    No, it’s pretty much as bad as I remembered.

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      Really? I never saw the 16 colours myself. It was interesting to see that it was actually possible to have that but most people never did because of the hardware setup required.

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        Ditto, pretty much the only CGA graphics I remember seeing were 320x200 in 4 colours (cyan! magenta!) and 640x200 in mono. Seems 160x100 doesn’t look too bad for certain use cases - see this image of Paku Paku.

        Back in the day I had a system with an HGC clone and used to run software that emulated a CGA display (SimCGA, although there was also PHIX, which never worked well for me) to allow me to play games that didn’t support it. Worked surprisingly well.

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        If you watch to the end about halfway through he shows that the 320x200 mode could do 16 colors over composite via the same kind of trickery used by the Apple II.

        Really though, yes 99% of CGA games were just as ugly as you remember.

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          PCjr for the win!

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            Didn’t the PCjr use the competing Tandy 1000 standard?

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              Other way around, the Tandy 1000 was a PCjr clone and extension… except associating it with the failure that was the PCjr would have been a detriment.