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    Anyone here have projects they run and need help on? While there is an official list, It would/could be nice to see what the rest of the community works on.

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      The Gonum project is a project aimed to develop numeric computation and data science libraries for doing efficient and scalable data science in Go

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      Just to clarify, pull requests from before Oct 1 don’t count. Doesn’t mean you can’t though!

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        While people that read lobste.rs probably don’t need this reminder, please don’t make trivial whitespace/etc. PRs just to get credit. This is a considerable problem with events like these. Maintainers will thank you.

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          I’m a maintainer who’s thankful for “trivial” PRs. Of course, reformatting whitespace so that it’s against the project guidelines wouldn’t be great, but if it was to fix some whitespace, I’d very much appreciate it.

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            Yeah, I guess I didn’t phrase my intent correctly?

            Moreso I meant making a trivial change to something like a README that doesn’t clarify anything, improve wording or fix an actual problem.

            I’m never against useful changes or worthwhile documentation changes, no matter how “trivial.” :)

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              Ah, understood. Last hacktoberfest I made 14 PRs, I think 4 or 5 of them were README changes, but they were almost all either README rewrites, adding documentation to the README, or helping non native English maintainers with their READMEs. Anyone can help with stuff like this (in some cases without even any language knowledge) and maintainers will thank you. :)