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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Trying to be productive and putting NixOS into prod!

      Also planning for my marriage in 2 weeks.

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        Congrats! On the NixOS and the marriage!

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      Opened up my side business, titlereader.com, and I’m learning all the nuances of account creation and whatnot. This week is validating signup emails - useful for account recovery. The solution is to send an activation link in an email, so I had some fun with mailchimp mail merges to get that working.

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      • Remembering eventually to post this story 😬
      • Heading south with a friend to hopefully help deliver his new yacht to where he wants it stored
      • Starting to make more impactful changes at work, having spent a couple of weeks making smaller improvements and learning what we have where and how processes work currently
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      Having to learn how to handle a project myself at work. Kinda scary and being a person who doesn’t normally like to bother people for help too much it’s making me push my comfort zone. I should also try to set up code review for another project probably. I feel like I haven’t had much time to just spend at home chilling since like… the start of August and I’ve been feeling out of whack for a while now, so now that things have calmed down I’m looking forward to getting some good sleep.

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      I will be playing + rating lots of ludum dare games! (It’s a game jam that took place last weekend, for two weeks after you play and rate the games that other people made) Anyone else on here take part? I’d be glad to rate your games.

      My entry: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/49/drilbert-ii-diggeredoo

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      It’s my last week at work, so I’ll be mostly doing handovers and that kind of boring stuff.

      I have bought, however, a few interesting educative comic books.

      In case anyone’s interested, here are they:

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      Reading through resumes for a developer to add to the team. This is the second round so its a bit disheartening to not find anybody yet. Hopefully this round is more fruitful!

      Also slugging along with this major rewrite project that got derailed with a team member leaving the company (hence the hiring).

      Hopefully getting enough sleep.

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      Working on upgrading some major work systems from Ubuntu 18 and Python 2 to Ubuntu 20 and Python 3. We’ve known it had to be done for a long while, now we finally have the bandwidth to actually handle it. It’s legitimately exciting, but also terrible at the same time. :D

      Maybe if I have energy I’ll work on bidirectional type checking more for Garnet.

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      I’m working on making an RSS to email service. There are a few out there but none fit my needs quite right. One thing I want to do is avoid being too restrictive with the CSS I allow so that some styles can show through. This is hairy though as you also want to make feeds with no style look ok and email clients have very different CSS support.

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      Visiting Berlin. Might continue improving Runtype, to add custom autocasts and such.

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      A whole lot of nothing with a bit of sporadicness around my homelab as I’m going on vacation Saturday! I plan on doing a lot of laying around and re-charging next week.

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      Reverse engineering a CMS written in .NET for work. Creative writing for a weekly exercise called “the crucible”. Winding down after a weekend of helping someone move into the house. Probably a bit of Darkest Dungeon here and there.