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PharoJS is a really interesting approach for developing applications that run in the browser as well as on Android and iOS devices.

  • The application model is developed and tested completely within the Pharo Smalltalk environment, with all of its great tools.
  • An HTML and CSS front end is added during development by connecting to a browser from the Pharo environment. All the Smalltalk code runs in Pharo except the browser DOM operations. The application remains tested from the Pharo environment.
  • The third phase of development compiles the Smalltalk code to Javascript and runs in the browser. But the application is still run from Pharo, continuing to use the Smalltalk test cases running in Pharo.
  • When the application is ready for production it is compiled and deployed as a Javascript application running in the browser.
  • Apache Cordova / Phonegap is used to deploy the same application on Android and iOS