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    PHP-8 plans to feature a new JIT compiler that optimizes the PHP byte-code in the Opcache. The JIT is currently developed on x86 and is based on Lua’s JIT. As Lua’s JIT supports ARM64, we work with PHP developers to enable and to tune the Opcache JIT in PHP-8 to get the best performance on AWS Graviton processors.

    Huh, LuaJIT (hehe not “Lua’s JIT”) in PHP, that’s an interesting bit of news buried here.

    PHP is still often used with the “fresh process per request” scheme (the opcache thing still works with that I’m pretty sure), right? Interesting that they’re gonna fit a JIT into this model.

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      PHP RFC: JIT has more details. LuaJIT’s JIT is extremely Lua-specific. PHP is just reusing DynAsm, which is low level code generation part of LuaJIT.