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Heya Lobsters!

I’m Marvin, a rails developer and the author of the book shared here.

Wanted to show you this e-book that I have been working on lately. It’s a little iPad/iPhone thing with some awesome that you’ll probably like. I hope.

Good/bad either way, wish to hear your thoughts on it.


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    It’s awkward to use on non-touch devices. Dragging pages doesn’t feel… right. I suggest a better navigation bar with buttons. The web isn’t just for iPads, you know.

    But I love how interactive it is. It reminds me of Encarta back in the day, which used multimedia and interactive presentations unlike things today. Wikipedia is just plain static.

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        I know. People think the way to making Wikipedia look nice is to add glitzy CSS, which isn’t what it needs.

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        I was happy navigating around using my keyboard (arrow keys work).

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        I love the presentation & content. Any chance you can share some the the source or do a write up on how you built it?

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          This is really cool.

          How labor intensive is it to write a “superbook?” It looks as though each page is its own frame. Obviously the CSS could be reused for each of the text pages, but is each animation its own project? Can you reuse large pieces across the book?

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            This looks like a great side project, congratulations!