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New revision of the hardware which turns a raspberry pi into a scsi target. Site is in Japanese so you may need to point google translate at it.

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    It’s awesome to see the community is alive like this. I need to get my hands on a x68000.

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      Aim for a desktop-style (“Pro”) model over the twin-towers machines; battery leakage is less dramatic when it happens (and it has happened) and most of the parts (e.g. floppy drives) are easier to service. I have a twin-tower ACE that is slowly being rewired by hand to bypass all the corroded traces on the I/O board.

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      The coolest screen is the “DSKBENCH” test.by Tsuruich Tachitaraya, Sep.02,1994, calling “poor” a ~1000 kilobytes/second throughput.