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    HIPD often reminds me of old accounts. Fortunately, I stopped reusing the same few passwords a while ago. This time one of my old passwords was probably included. I used that one for dozens of accounts, but none which has been relevant in the last five or ten years so.

    I can recommand KeePass2. ;)

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      +1 for KeePass2

      I will HIGHLY recommend you make backups of your keepass DB though. They do corrupt sometimes.

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        make backups of your keepass DB though

        This. trust me, you don’t want to learn the hard way.

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          I use dropbox for this. I had a corrupt keepass database last month, freaked out for a minute, and just a click on the previous version to recover. There are also clients on every platform I use.

          There are use cases where I forget to close it on one computer, open it on another and then end up with forks (“conflicted copies”), but it never loses anything and I can live with that.