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    Why is it “for introverts”?

    It feels snappy, but otherwise not different to Twitter, Mastodon, etc.

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      Why not use the OStatus protocol and talk to the fediverse? ?

      This way we can tackle the network effect instead of dividing our effort.

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        Is sublevel open source? I see:

        “We’re simply in ♥ with open–source.”

        But no links to repos. Just curious.

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          Interesting. We’ve been looking more into the IndieWeb movement, which is a bit more about pushing social networks back to being a network of self-owned and self-hosted websites. Obviously, this makes sense for a hosting business, but I also think its much better than a bunch of ad-driven silos.

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            @lucian is this an officlal digital ocean project? the footer makes it seem so

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              No, just powered by Digital Ocean.

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                Sublevel has been around for while. I’m curious about the ‘by Digital Ocean’ too. It’s a referral link though, and the DNS and server are provided by Digital Ocean.

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                Good to see this is still going. You weren’t able to sell it or find a new caretaker in the end?

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                  Ah, I’d completely forgotten about sublevel. I used it for a while, it is nice. Looks like I stopped using it 2.5 years ago o_O