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    Small nitpick, but bamboo is a grass not a tree. ;)

    I’d actually thought about fly.io while reading the authors last post about the loss of heroku. Happy to see they reviewed it and find it a worthy successor.

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      Ooh! Here’s a chance to post this: https://eukaryotewritesblog.com/2021/05/02/theres-no-such-thing-as-a-tree/

      Turns out: a tree is a strategy for plants, not a related group of organisms. All plants have genes that can produce wood, and tree-like forms have evolved thousands of times. Many closely related trees share herbaceous common ancestors and vice versa.

      So, under some definitions of “tree”, bamboo counts, and under others, it doesn’t. I will call bamboo a tree. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

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        Thanks for sharing this! I love following these threads of thought which invite you to deconstruct your own understanding.

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        bamboo is a grass not a tree. ;)

        Take it up with the Heroku founders.

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          Just because they didn’t know better doesn’t mean you need to repeat it.

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            “We name the stacks after trees, except … our founders were idiots and choose bamboo for B which is a grass, btw…” hardly rolls off the tongue in conversation.

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              To meet in the middle, I suggest “plants that bows are made of”. That’s mostly trees, plus Bamboo.

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        Applications can be built either using cloud native buildpacks, Dockerfiles or arbitrary docker images that you generated with something like Nix’s pkgs.dockerTools.buildLayeredImage

        How long until we can just start using Nix easily in deployment environments without jumping through unnecessary hoops with containers or buildpacks? Why not built-in support to run the Flake’s defaultApp?

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          What benefit would that give?

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            Much faster builds with package-level caching. Deploying from a flake may even be cheaper for the provider than dealing with docker images.

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              Thanks for explaining.

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          But no periodic tasks with a scheduler that is part of the platform.

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            Second place I’ve seen this brought up. I agree, we should do something like this.

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              The Heroku one was a light rails app over a Postgres database. Worked great! A few people on my team tried to replace it. That didn’t go well! So, it’s probably still a rails app + postgres.

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            I recently deployed a side project to Fly, super impressed and happy with it. Configuration was pretty simple. To be fair though I haven’t tried to hook it up to CI/CD with GitHub as it’s just a hobby project right now.