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    A great document, I actually have a full printout of it by my desk at all times, for psychological betterment.

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      If you can find it, Scientific Forth by JV Noble (same author as the article) is a great book on doing practical work in Forth.

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          Looks like it. I have a nearly new physical copy that I bought from a friend when he retired.

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        For the first time I understand conditionals in forth.

        Isn’t it weird that things on the stack are not “inert”, that they can swallow future additions to the stack?

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          Have you ever read this article? I posted it a year ago, and I think it does a good job at explaining the basics, but also conditionals too. But for some reason all articles either seem too slow or too fast for me ^^

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            I never have, but it reads like https://learnxinyminutes.com/

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          This is nice. I feel like I could never get bored of Forth articles.

          Bonus points for working perfectly in eww.