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    Totally worth reading before voting. I can’t wait for chapter 2.

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      there are actually the first 8 chapters in here! quite a fun read

      Like others have said, the scrolling in the first bit feels a bit long-ish but it’s worth it (not like 5 minutes of scrolling or anything)

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      Not only is the story text not the place for editorialization, the title really isn’t.

      To describe the content more: it’s a work of multimedia sci-fi that’s native to the web in the way few others are - Homestuck and SCP come to mind, alternate reality games, nothing else off the top of my head. Like the best sci-fi, it’s about what it means to be human. It’s off to a solid start, feels like it’s maybe halfway through. I’ve enjoyed what’s posted so far and am optimistic it’ll have a strong conclusion.

      For the folks bouncing off, one response about the medium had something good to say:

      Because, on its surface, 17776 is bad content. It’s weird, it’s long, it demands attention. It’s not skimmable. In the age of virality, this is the kind of that would probably get laughed out of most pitch meetings, if anyone even had the courage to bring it up in a pitch meeting. Going purely off of the established rules of Good Internet Content, this should not even exist.

      But it does, and the reason for that — at least in my mind — is that our ideas of what constitutes Bad Content are stupid and short-sighted.

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        Like the best sci-fi, it’s about what it means to be human.

        Sort of off-topic, but I think that’s a pretty myopic viewpoint. Most of the best sci-fi I’ve read is about things that are much bigger and older than humanity, like the structure of the universe, or math, or biogenesis.

        The OP is, however, a prime example of good sci(-ish)-fi about some things very close to home, like American geo-culture and modern existential ennui.

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        Hint: Open on desktops or laptops. :)

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          the opening bit (where it looks like a normal newspaper article before blurring into the multimedia sf story) is broken on desktop for me. if i hadn’t opened it on mobile first i’d never even have known it was there; it flashes very briefly before the sea of black takes over.

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          If you enjoy this, you may also like The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles from the same author.

          Jon Bois makes some of the most unique, interesting, and funny web… stories? games? content?… I’m not sure what to call them, but they’re all pretty good.

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            I would think that Breaking Madden would appeal here, too.

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            This is incredible. Pretty much the last thing I expected.

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              Almost feels like this story belongs in textbooks of game design. Very fun to imagine how future football would work in this universe

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                What am I looking at

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                  I don’t know. How far did you scroll? I scrolled and I scrolled, and there were some notes, and I scrolled and I scrolled, and a few more, and then finally I gave up. Maybe if you get to the year 1000000 it gets good?

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                    Keep reading the notes… patience.

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                      It crashed my mobile browser around ’45 and on restart there was a satellite there.

                      Not sure how football or anything is related. Will probably forget this soon.

                      Too bad I can’t downvote after reading.

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                        You folks aren’t making it to the content… That is unfortunate. :(

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                      Hacked by JUICE.

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                        I think the page may look differently if you’re running content blockers.