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    Excellent doggo detection. 8/10 would listen to bark.

    As the ESP32 can do voice/wakeword detection I was kind of hoping this would be some kind of wake word detection rejigged to detect barks. But still an impressive detector (and much simpler!) :)

    (Full disclosure: I work on ESP32 software at Espressif.)

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      Wow I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know about that. Perhaps there is a need for Woof Alert v2 :-P

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      Does Barry have his own email address?

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        He does!

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        I love this, and am strongly reminded of Gary Larson’s dog bark translator cartoon. (All the dogs end up yelling “Hey!”)

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          Cool project. Although, I do know a dog or two that might be the first of their species to get hit with the spam button.

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            Of course you can use biff(1) for mail notification.

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              Neat! You could even set up a bunch around the house to determine whether it’s a delivery or a squirrel.