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Today I want to introduce to you the result of the last few months of work of the gambe.ro team. We are proud to present our translated and adapted version of Lobste.rs: the goal is to host an Italian-speaking community of programmers interested in discussing software development, digital technology and the socio-political topics connected to it (in this we are a bit different from Lobste.rs).

We clearly use Lobste.rs’ software, even though we forked the version of Journalduhacker, our French cousin, that supported i18n and had proper templating. For this reason our website is missing some features but we are backporting those that feel more important.

This post is both to show you our work but also to say thank you to the people in the Lobste.rs’ IRC chat (in particular push.cx) that helped us a lot with suggestions that made the deploy smooth and easy.

We will leave the beta test in a couple of weeks but the website is already open to the public. If you’re Italian you can request an invitation at https://gambe.ro/invitations/request.


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    I love the logo.

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      lobste.rs should get a matching one

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      The power of the self hosted open source!

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        Nice work! May your community thrive.

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          Thanks mate

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          As more and more technologies appear in the “Fediverse”, I wonder if anyone thought about federating lobste.rs instances.

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            It’s not exactly what you’re asking for, but close enough: https://github.com/dessalines/lemmy