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    I read that using Elfeed in Emacs. Nothing allows me to slash through numerous articles as quickly; while also taking notes. Without any distractions like banners, quirky fonts, and weird colors.

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      I consume RSS mainly on my phone, NetNewsWire has IMO the best UX for that.

      Server-side I host my own Miniflux instance, but I rarely — if ever — use its web UI.

      So when I wake up I make some fresh coffee or caffè d’orzo, grab my feeds and read away.

      Just like the author I prefer not to “litter” my feed reader with news-like websites: you don’t need to find news, they’ll find you one way or another.

      Personal blogs are my favorite, it’s a window in someone’s life and mind.

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        Thunderbird has been my news reader these days. Email based newsletter and RSS based feed can be consumed within one application. It’s not perfect but it works as in 2023. I just hope its sync feature can improve the experience on multiple devices, including android maybe.

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          A long, long time ago I would wake up, have quiet breakfast and coffee and read the newspaper before I start my day. These days I do exactly the same, only my feeds in Miniflux have taken over the role of the newspaper.

          I read whatever is possible in there. General news, forums, personal blogs and, of course, lobste.rs. In the past I even had subreddits and twitter in there. I am glad Substack bundles a feed with their newsletters.

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            I almost always start the day looking through the latest stuff with newsboat, and Lobste.rs of course. But I do feel like it leaves me a bit more scatter-brained all day. It’s harder to get started with work somehow. I should really try to resist opening up this stuff in the morning and do it during the day in between tasks, instead. But then I always feel guilty because I wouldn’t be working, which ups the anxiety levels…

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              I pay for Feedly, and the Byline iOS app syncs with that.

              I used to be a huge RSS fan but lately I’ve found the folders-based structure a bit limiting. It’s still a great power tool though.

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                Longtime newsboat user here! Im glad Im in good company.