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    I’ve worked with people using Macs for film work and it’s actually been kind of sad to see them withering on the vine without any proper REALLY high-end machines from Apple for the last 4 years.

    If I was managing this one, I’d try to make:

    • a really nice, quite large, case
    • with a high-flow whisper quiet air cooling system
    • and a very robust water-cooling system
    • and lots of drive bays
    • the guts inside would not be tightly engineered to only just fit exactly into the space

    Then I’d release a new one every year or 6 mo, whatever schedule, with just tiny improvements to the case design, mostly all the same mechanical parts and updated CPU/GPU/motherboard. Keep making up new adaptors to make the water cooling system fit new chips and cards and you could keep the same basic design going for a decade.

    My reasoning is that the target market for a Mac Pro is people like OS X but have an unlimited demand for computing power, and would otherwise be looking at moving to a Hackintosh right now.

    tl;dr I’d make a giant hackintosh with official support

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      Other than the case being heavy compared to a normal PC, the aluminum body with grill front mac pro was a great machine with a very nicely made design. not sure why they thought that smaller is better for that form. it’s not like people typically move these machines very often.

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        Have you looked at the HP Z series? I use some of the older Z620 machines, they’re quite nice. I’m not a huge fan of water cooling, heat pipes to radiators seem like a more reliable system.


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        All this mac pro discussion reminded me of this custom rackmount enclosure for mac pros: http://photos.imgix.com/racking-mac-pros

        They plugged them in to gaskets sideways, to fit them into a rack and keep the intakes in the cool side…

        A lot of effort went into that, and not just the idolatrous photo shoot.

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          A lot of work went into making Apple’s case designers weep :-).

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          It’s too little, too late.

          The way Aperture and FCP went sent a signal that Apple doesn’t care about pro users.

          The Mac Pro sent a signal that Apple doesn’t care about pro users.

          The anemic upgrades sent a signal that Apple doesn’t care about pro users.

          It’s not surprising that pro users have been leaving in droves.

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            • they made the mistake of making a dual-GPU architecture and the market went in a different direction (one powerful GPU)
            • they’re going to make Mac Pros more modular, or
            • they might improve iMacs and get rid of Mac Pros
              • ~80% of their sales are iPhones
              • ~20% of their sales are iMacs
              • ~1-9% of their sales are Mac Pros
            • Apple still cares about the Mac Minis and “Pro apps”
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              The Mac Pro is pining for the fjords.

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                Mac Mini is honestly even worse and hasn’t had this announcement bolstering it.