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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    I’m implementing the last major missing Nix language feature for Tvix (a new implementation of Nix, language evaluator can be tried here).

    This last feature is nested keys for nesting attribute sets (kind of like the “dicts” of Nix), and it is very tricky to nail the exact semantics of this, as they seem to have mostly arisen by accident out of the way this nesting is implemented in C++ Nix. We have a plan for how to do this now, but it’s quite complicated to get right while still being performant.

    In fact, nested keys are turning out to be one of the - if not the - hardest features of the Nix to implement correctly. We would never have guessed that when starting out …

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      this week I’m going to release a major patch to my firmware to re-introduce executive function

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        Changing jobs?

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          just saw this lol

          not changing jobs, just becoming a person again

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        Improve the docs on my Haskell Nix project template: https://srid.ca/haskell-template

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          My Zig Lua bindings now support Lua 5.4, 5.3, and 5.2. This week I would like to add Lua 5.1, and perhaps luajit depending on how similar the build process is. Then I want to polish up the docs and make some sort of official release to indicate a level of stability.

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            This week is the first week I’m hosting more than one meetup since before the pandemic and I’ve got… four days of them (a social event, a panel, and a two-day hackathon). I attended Grace Hopper Celebration last week, first conference with more than 100 people since the pandemic started. So, this month has probably felt the most like a “normal, pre-pandemic” month for me since the autumn before the pandemic started.

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              Wrapping up the end of a migration process for a couple of apps at work, bringing them into our standard pattern of deployment & hosting alongside other apps. One is the main frontend and one of the oldest apps in the business, so has been somewhat of a slog to bring inline. We have quite a nice pattern for hosting static sites now, quite pleased with where we’ve iterated to.

              Progress with the office continues, painting and flooring is done. This week will be electrics and boxing in the gas meter I think.

              Then off to friend’s boat in Wales for a couple of days, fingers crossed the weather isn’t too bad and we can get out for a sail.

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                Fighting my first (known) bout of covid with the rest of the family.

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                  I am making a remote refrigeration temperature monitoring system. Needed to be cheap so it’s all using parts we already have.

                  First time properly using an Arduino with multiple features required, including a SIM card on a GSM shield, a screen and a temperature probe, it’s been fun. Although I’m down to reducing the length of URLs so that the strings are shorter and it uses less memory…

                  The backend is simple and less interesting, so I figured it’s high time I learn to use docker with a view to switching some of our other bigger projects over to it. I have not enjoyed learning docker. I guess I’m getting old.

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                    At work: kick some dangerous automation into prod and hope it implodes rather than explodes. Maybe it will even work for a bit?

                    Classes: catch up on recorded orientation meetings. First homework becomes available on the 29th and is due the 30th, to set the tone for the semester.

                    Home projects if I have time: migrate the rat’s nest of garbage I host on my soon-to-expire GCP free trial onto my next 3-month free trial period.

                    Also would like to run some benchmarks on a fast tokenizer in a paper I read. The benchmarks they published were amortized over multilingual corpora, but I wanted to see how the performance varies per-language, given its dependence on whitespace. If I really want to suffer, after that I might write about it, and then long-term suffering might be to think about a followup with some improvements to it.

                    At some point, I’ll feel anxious about moving. Maybe I’ll play elden ring a smidge.

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                      Continue implementing these supermemo algorithms is on my list, as well as starting God of War on PS2. Beat Tony Hawk’s Proskater 3 last night :)

                      I’d like to release something useable for the SM stuff in 2 weeks, most likely as a lib, so others can build memory apps quick too.

                      I have some 3d printing projects as well I need to quickly do: reprint of my door handle and headphones

                      Have a nice one lobsters