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Related mozilla blog post: Why the Next 10 Days Are Critical to the Internet’s Future.


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    John Oliver also had another show on Net Neutrality II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92vuuZt7wak, first one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpbOEoRrHyU (2013).

    They created a redirect from http://gofccyourself.com/ to the feedback form on the FCC website as they made it a lot more complicated to give them comments.

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      I preferred the old days when we would stand up against the idea that the FCC had any right, legal basis, or competence to regulate internet, instead.

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        So… prior to 1936?

        I mean, what’s under debate here isn’t whether the FCC has any right to regulate ISPs. The question is are ISPs providing an information service- like a Bloomberg terminal, or a cable network- or a telecommunications service. That defines in what ways the FCC may regulate ISPs.

        Interestingly, none of this should be taken to imply that the FCC can regulate “the Internet” which is a nonsense phrase.

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          Back when there were no corporate interests in the internet? Sure.

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            The cyber declaration of cyber independence was cybered in 1996, so a little late for that.

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          law is a good tag here.