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Explore curated lists of awesome things, so many things to learn out there so don’t reinvent the wheel ;)


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    I had a very hard time following this and I’m not sure what it’s aiming to do.

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      Yeah I think you’re right, I need to improve my writing skills. This post needs some context.

      It is more a list of links I used to share than an actual article. I used to send many of these links to a few interns at my job so they have places where to start discovering projects and tools.

      Oh and Sindre Sorhus definitely likes unicorns and rainbows ;)

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        Seems to be representative of what is happening in the Node/JS and Ruby communities: systematic use of the “awesome” adjective, inserting rainbow and unicorn emojis, praising individuals, focusing on whatever technology or tool is the most talked about at the moment. Socially worth a read.