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      It’ll be curious to see how many companies uses Sponsors to support some of the open source projects that they rely on. I suspect that the average OSS developer will get more financial support from his or her fellow developer than any one company unless it’s a major OSS project. I more see a future where Big Tech spins out their OSS work into a not-for-profit reliant on things like Sponsors in order to reduce corporate overhead.

      I’m pessimistic… I know…

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        I feel the very same way, szul. Either GitHub does not provide visibility of companies sponsoring individuals (is that even possible through their platform?), or no company does that at all. On the other hand, I see several individuals supporting the work of OSS contributors, which is awesome, but I think companies that hired those individuals should provide a way to compensate them, effectively giving back by using their contributions.

        Maybe I’m too optimistic. I don’t know.