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    If only my students could write a lab report this clear, concise, useful, and easy to read. Kudos.

    note: there are some glaring typos/grammar issues. I know it’s a quick blog post, but at least correct “deceleration” -> “declaration”

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      Are you saying they should…slow down?

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        thank you

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          also bellow -> below

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          This is one of the most fun, revealing, humble, down-to-earth and concise blog post about software development I’ve read. Lately I’ve been interested on understanding vis’ design and internals, because I’m fascinated with modal editing, I also like how lua is lightweight, fast, mature and portable, so this post comes of big help to me.

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            I am happy that you found it useful

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            I loved this post. It is the most approachable article on Lua embedding I’ve seen in a long time.

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              thank you so much, I appreciate it. I try to do more posts on similar or maybe different topics if I get the time and chance.

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              lua_tostring should return const char *, not int, and some of the function declarations don’t match. But I do value the straightforward description of the process. Lua is a great little embedding language.

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                thank you, I did not compile the code, my mistake, there are some syntax errors as well I’ll fix them

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                  I thought the mismatch on function names was deliberate, as a good sense of humor, it made me laugh a little.