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    I’ve also been using the nginx rtmp module to handle multi-location video streaming as well. My band as well as electronic duo are planning to live stream a full show very soon. Just need to run some stress tests on the RTMP server. We’re using OBS to transition between the video feeds, and for the audio, we’re going to all be on a private NINJAM server. Since we can adjust the audio delay in OBS to match up with everyone’s video, we believe it will provide the closest thing to a live performance that you can get in quarantine.

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      NINJAM is really cool. I’ve thought about trying to do something similar but always decided it wasn’t really worth the trouble because of the latency involved. I’m going to have to look into it some more and might actually use it with a few friends; thanks for mentioning it!

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        It’s not exactly easy to start up a NINJAM server, you have to compile from source and it’s not very well supported. But once it’s running, it’s pretty stable, and I haven’t noticed any latency when jamming with others on my public server, but considering the results of our latest RTMP server tests, I’m predicting that I’ll have to adjust the audio source latency in OBS to compensate for the video latency. Just listening to the audio alone, however, shows that everyone in the server is definitely playing along together and reacting to each other just as they would in a real-life jam.