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    It looks interesting.

    How does it compare with Dhall? I was expecting to get a reason in the README since both come from the Haskell world and I assume Dhall is well known at that point.

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      I brought Dhall up at the meetup, but nobody seemed to know of it :(

      Unfortunately, dhall doesnt do any type inference so row polymorphism would be a hell of a lot harder to implement.

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        That’s what I thought too, row polymorphism was the reason for Expresso to exist. It’s just not explicitly mentioning Dhall.

        Related, I saw this in my timeline a while ago: https://twitter.com/shajra/status/1040107159722360834

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      This looks extremely interesting, especially considering I’m currently working on an implementation of a variant of nix for working with batch computation. It would be interesting to see what it looks like to define the derivations in Expresso.

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        The presenter mentioned the possibility of boilerplate being massively reduced due to removing the need for many type definitions, almost everything can be inferred by usage with the compiler screaming at inconsistencies.