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    And for anyone at Twitter who was depending on the network of tweets being a Directed Acyclic Graph, I’m so terribly sorry.

    That last line gave me a good chuckle.

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      It reminds me of the self referential tweet and how this was accomplished.

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        Just for context: This was created in 2009, but broke once Twitter handled links differently.

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          Thank you

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        Self-posts on reddit also began with a similar trick. People would submit a link to what would be their post, thereby making the post a link to itself.

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          I wonder if this has been done (or can be done) with mastodon.

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            I don’t really see how this would cause any problems. I’m pretty sure twitter just follows the link once to generate a preview. It wouldn’t loop because it doesn’t follow any links on the previewed page.

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              But to generate the preview, it must render itself which requires it to generate a preview.

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                The preview is generated asynchronously. It’s going to either get a 404, or the page without a preview.

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              I’ve always wanted to write two tweets quoting one another.