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    You can save yourself the overhead of Docker by using Nix directly.

    cachix use all-hies
    nix-env -iA selection --arg selector 'p: { inherit (p) ghc865; }' -f https://github.com/infinisil/all-hies/tarball/master

    This would give you a global accessible HIE installation for GHC 8.6.5. Using nix-shell, you can also setup the appropriate HIE version for each project locally.

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      Yep, that’s what I had before. I was documenting how to get started (for people new/unfamiliar with Nix), before trying the docker route. I ended up packaging the Nix setup inside my own docker image, and the setup is now near-automatic and takes a fraction of the time!

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        What do you think about building the Docker images using Nix?

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          I’d love to learn how to do that :) I just followed the instructions on the vscode site, but I’ll happily look at the nix way!

          Does it end up producing a Dockerfile? Because that’s the artifact I need.

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            Nix does not produce a Dockerfile, it builds a tarball which can be loaded via docker load