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    I’m curious about this as I’m exploring a Meteor prototype at the moment. I agree with the complaints, although I don’t think there’s so much magic involved. Meteor’s Tracker system is fairly magical, but most of the rest is just straightforward use of various components' APIs.

    To mitigate these I’ve basically been thinking of the Mongo backing of the Meteor app as nothing more than a materialized view of an actual data store that will be available elsewhere. The entire database should be assumed to be fragile and if it is lost then it can be regenerated (perhaps with downtime) from a canonical store elsewhere. This enables you to set up a normal HTTP-like API for other consumers and proper SSAs on the web frontend. Restarts will still be graceless, however.

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      Server side rendering and SQL support are the most highly desired features. https://trello.com/b/hjBDflxp/meteor-roadmap

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        Hmm, I agree with the sentiment, but the spelling and grammar errors are glaring.

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          The author is a friend. In his defense, he is not a native speaker, and the article is still understandable and useful despite the spelling and grammar. I think his feedback is interesting because he spent a lot of time developing an application on Meteor and was strong “believer” in the beginning.

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            Hi flyingfisch, author here, I would be glad if you could annotate the article to enhance spelling and grammar. Thank you

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              Pierre, you forgot the dot after “Thank you” at the end of your comment.


              I’m writing this as a joke, but also as an illustration of the attention most Lobsters draw to spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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                Thank you. :) .