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    “Init system freedom”, “only supports sysvinit style init systems”

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      That’s an uncharitable way of reading this announcement. Your second “quote” doesn’t even appear on the page.

      Devuan is about choice. We think people should be able to choose whether to use a GNU+Linux system with or without systemd.

      Devuan decided to fork not only the base distribution, but also its governance, because Debian has made it difficult to avoid systemd as init, entangling the system with unnecessary dependencies and did so despite widespread community concern. We encourage potential Devuan users who wish to install systemd to use Debian’s installer, Debian’s packages and Debian’s mailing lists, all available directly from Debian’s mirrors.

      They are enabling init system freedom by supporting an alternative. It would be silly to expect them to support systemd installations when that is already covered by Debian.

      If your needs are not met by sysvinit, openrc, runit, or sinit, Devaun suggests additional systemdless distros here: https://devuan.org/os/init-freedom/

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        I’m not saying what they’re doing is bad, and there are plenty of people around the internet who prefer sysvinit style init systems, but to claim “init system freedom” is pretty outlandish. Especially when their core packages explicitly conflict with systemd. You also presumably can’t install upstart without causing massive headaches or breaking everything.

        In no way am I trying to make a value judgement about specific init systems here, but claiming you have freedom of choice in your init system with Devuan is a little like saying you can have a car painted any color so long as it’s black, extra noir, super dark gray, or #000.

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          Isn’t Upstart defunct since Ubuntu abandoned it?

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            that’s not really relevant – anything that supports systemd d-bus interfaces won’t work on devuan

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              Well what else is there?

              • systemd: covered by Debian
              • upstart: defunct
              • sysvinit, openrc, runit, sinit: supported by Devuan
              • s6, perp: supported by recommended other distros

              What additional init system should they be supporting?

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          Debian offers exactly this (an ability to run sysvinit) without the ideology-based purging of all systemd-related libraries from the distribution. There is literally no advantage in running devuan right now (and devuan has to rely on Debian for the security updates, they simply do not have manpower to provide proper security support).

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        Funny thing with the 1.0.0 and just getting jessie supported. This would be a lot more valuable if it tracked Debian as 1:1 as possible, down to names and versions.

        Then if it supported stretch, I’d give it a shot.