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    I feel like rant is a little bit hard of a tag. More like “showing facts”.

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      This post is tagged rant, so please allow me…

      >they still use webmail instead of regular desktop/mobile email clients
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        The iOS client is a native app, not a web view.

        I’m pretty sure that goes for Android too.

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          But why do you need to have any sort of specialized “app” for each e-mail service where you can use generic IMAP client? There’s nothing you can do in Gmail UI which you can’t do over IMAP in regards of sending and receiving emails.

          Yes, I know you can “bind” other email accounts to the Gmail acoount, but then you let all your mails get through Google servers after all, so you can just throw these accounts and use the Gmail only anyways.

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            Agree with what you said. I always use a Mail App client. This post was written when one of client of my service asked my why my email is showing “via way.hanami.run”. This inspired me to write this post.