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Just a quick little hack I’ve been working on. Had to deal with things like yield return not working in try/catch blocks, and other fun things.

I would have had this actually running on a server, live, but the Mono SSL stack is buggered and you’d also need a caching proxy to avoid murderizing jcs' server.


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    Forgive me for not wanting to dive into the code, but what exactly is this? There’s no README.

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      Exactly what it says on the tin: A Lobsters to Gopher gateway. Lobsters posts come in one end, and it comes out into a Gopher menu.

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        Is this what you’re talking about? I’ve never heard of that before.


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          In 1993, I lobbied my boss hard to put the department’s data behind a Gopher server, as opposed to on the web as it was at the time. This is probably why I still have to work for a living instead of owning a fleet of private submarines.

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            I recently set up a gopher site for a friend of mine running for Seattle City Council (gopher.alonbassok.com) as something of a nerdy in-joke. He didn’t survive the primary, but I’m pretty certain there will be another run in his future. I’m currently paying $5/mo to digital ocean for the pleasures of being a gophermaster, and I’m contemplating setting up my own site on the same instance for novelty / maximization of investment reasons. I don’t know why I find this so fun, but I do. Probably the same reasons that you don’t own a fleet of private submarines.

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            Exactly. A simplistic, pre-web protocol. While not used today, it has its fans, and could be legitimately useful today.

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              I loved the idea of Gopher because it was quite easy to organize some information compared to how the web did it for a long time.

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        Gopher. I remember ye. This is my go to “I’m a 90’s kid” thing, in attempts to be cool and sound wise past my years. I’m 28.

        The cool kids in my books have “I remember X.25, DECNET” moments. That truly sounded like a wild west for 10-18 year olds.

        Now… how do you use it again? Been awhile old friend…

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          Gopher, awesome! Coincidentally my first comment on Lobsters was about Gopher. I just miss that protocol, because it was really content oriented rather than on how things look, and oh alright, I just enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

          Anyway. A Gopher daemon exists that was written in Python. Search for pygopherd if you’re curious.