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    I don’t know much React, but there’s nearly nothing in here that helps me understand anything at all about what’s going on or where the meat of the implementation is. Seems like some tutorial code from somewhere else that’s been sprinkled with a bunch of not super useful comments.

    These is all useless text, they don’t give any ‘what / how / why / when’ information, so the reader is just copying and pasting huge chunks of code.

    We add immutable, because we will use immutable in our state.

    Also, we want to use flow, so, let’s run: flow init and it creates a .flowconfig file

    We have a stores file that contains all our stores we might have.

    Let’s make our item component draggable.

    Going through the long chunks of code there, are a few places where the actual implementation happens that need much deeper discussion, specifically under ‘Let’s make our item component draggable.’ and ‘Let’s see our DragDropReducer:’

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      It was really a blog post meant for someone who knows the react and redux bits and just wants to see how to introduce drag and drop and integrate with redux. I could post a more detailed writeup for people less familiar with react, but those people aren’t likely to need drag and drop! But thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to keep it in mind for the next post!”