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A fully implemented and tested interpreter for a scripting language, implemented in Elixir without any external dependencies.

I did this to get my feet wet with Elixir and I would highly appreciate any kind of feedback!


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    That’s really neat!

    I would’ve uses regexes in the lexee instead of range comparisons for characters, and would’ve avoided if statements, but that is just my own taste. Cool project!

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      Interesting about if statements, do you use cond by default then? I certainly don’t stick to one conditional style in the Elixir I write.

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        This might be a little weird, but I tend to just stick with case unless I have a compelling reason to do otherwise.

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          I actually used the credo analyzer on the source code. I did not change everything according to its suggestions, but one of them was that you should actually use if over cond if there are not at least two none-default branches in the cond statement.

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        Thank you! Very good points! :)