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      I don’t know, I think this might make me want to kill myself: http://0x0.st/-zeS.png

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        Don’t worry. Help is near: https://github.com/Annihil/github-spray

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        From the feedback we got so far, many people seem to have the same problem.

        Here are a few reasons:

        • Private commits are missing. As a workaround you could temporarily enable them for the print.
        • Only one year is busy, the rest is mostly empty. For that case we’re working on a layout for a single year.
        • People are more active on Gitlab/Bitbucket. Technically we could write an API integration for that.
        • People aren’t interested in their own commits but they do care about a project. We’re considering to add repo support so that you could print rust-lang/rust or facebook/react if you wanted. Would anyone be interested?

        Thoughts on the above would be appreciated.

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          I don’t think I’d buy one of these for my own commit history, but others will. Mainly I can see it being marketed to companies & teams, so making it work at the project level should be useful.

          If there were repo support, and if you could annotate the history with some text bubbles, then users could mark important milestones, and tell the story of the project. You could make it optional to auto-render things like tags for version numbers. You could make it more personal by adding the avatars & stats of the contributors somewhere in the layout.

          Being able to select an arbitrary timescale would enable more use cases. Similar to shopkeepers who frame their first dollar bill earned, a team could enshrine their first week or month of commits. They could show off the crunch time (however long it was) when everyone made tons of commits and everything got finished just before launch.

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            Thanks for the feedback. That’s all great advice. We also considered prints for teams (with discounts for larger volumes) before and I’m glad others think alike. Support for annotations and custom time-ranges sounds very reasonable.

            If you don’t mind me asking, why wouldn’t you order one for yourself? Is it that you don’t like the layout, don’t have many public commits, or you don’t want to make a fuzz around it? I’m asking because we’re always interested in new visualizations for different sorts of users.

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        Whelp, you could print 2015 to 2020. Looks pretty busy to me. :)

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          Yeah, of course! It’s interesting to reflect on my life and the changes that happened in it that caused it, is all :)