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    Veertu is nice, but my main usecase (using it with vagrant) is badly covered. The plugin is in alpha grade only and - as a warning - only works with the community edition (as the commercial version uses different paths). If you buy the commercial version assuming you need it, you will have wasted quite some money for nothing.

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      This is good to know. I just recently started using macOS as my main driver at work and was intrigued by Vagrant support. Looks like I’ll be sticking with VirtualBox for a while.

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        Yep, I’d live the situation to be better, but the plugin is also not openly developed (at least when I checked), so it is hard to improve the situation.

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      If I recall, there’s some QEMU code in there that might not be properly licensed. I raised the issue with the SFC, but I’m not sure if anything happened.

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        Not sure when the repo was created, but it looks they have something here now - https://github.com/veertuinc/vdhh

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          I wrote the SFC in January, and this seems to have been made 2 weeks ago. At least it’s been released.