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      Also! Enable browser.urlbar.suggest.calculator so typing math expressions in the address bar shows the result with an option to copy.

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        That’s awesome, how come that’s not enabled by default?

        (Though would be better if it were a bit more powerful, it’s missing some simple things like ^ log sin cos)

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          If you’re on a Mac, those all work via the Spotlight search: hit command-space and type the expression there, hit command-c to copy the result. I just tested and all of the operators you list work.

          On Windows, I think most of them work in the start menu’s new(ish) search box, though for some reason it takes a few seconds after hitting the Windows key for the start button to be ready to type (and they lose it as soon as you close, whereas the Mac version lets you edit the expression after copying and pasting it elsewhere).

          Not sure about other platforms but I presume they have something similar. It seems weird to me to put such a thing in a browser.

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            KDE’s krunner does this kind of thing (Alt-space, or just focus the desktop background and type).

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      Want to restart Firefox using the keyboard only? CTRL+L to focus the address bar, then navigate to about:crashparent ;>

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        Yes!!! Yes! I’ve been looking for this. I’m love Firefox, but I’m forced to use Chrome at $DAYWORK, and I was looking for an equivalent of chrome://restart for when I use Firefox at home.

        Thanks for the tip :)

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          Why do you want to restart Firefox though? We’ve never built an about:restart because we never understood the use case. Is it to apply upgrades? Wipe some state?

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            Firefox accumulates memory over time (mostly as I open new tabs). kill(2) is the best garbage collector.

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            In my case, I only trust software packaged by my distribution maintainers, if you run a dnf upgrade, Firefox will start breaking and tabs will crash. I just want to restart and get my previous session :) .

            I think this is a non-issue when you use the firefox evergreen thing.

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              At least on the distribution I use, Firefox notices this the next time I open a new tab or navigate to a new domain. Instead of navigating it shows a page that says the browser needs to be restarted, and provides a button to do so. This restart preserves tabs and other navigation state, much like a restore from crash.

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            some weird network loss (only some websites working) when waking up from hibernation

            On my NixOS on the Framework laptop sometimes I get some weird network loss (where only some websites are working / can be navigated) when waking up from deep hibernation.

            Restarting firefox (I’m using the Restart normally button on about:profiles) always fixes the issue for me.

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          a more friendly replacement for the crash reporter may be about:restartrequired

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          You can just close Firefox and then restore the session via “History → Restore Previous Session” but I also wish there was a dedicated button for enabling auto-restore on the next startup because sometimes I want to restore automatically on startup as I sometimes forget that I had an “interesting” session when I shut down. (But not usually, so I don’t want to enable the restore tabs on startup option.)

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          I use about:profiles then click Restart normally

          Works well to restart Firefox without loosing anything. Helped me fix some weird network loss (only some websites working) when waking up from hibernation ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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        Here on Firefox Nightly, you can go to the URL bar and type “restart”, and one of the suggestions is “Quick actions: Restart Firefox”.

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      Mike Hoye reshared his old blog post a few days ago and I learned enough new things from it that it felt worth sharing here.

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      What speeds up things a lot for me is the right-click context menu + pushing a button. Like right click, then “c” copies a link. right click on an image then “y” copies the image into your clipboard, right click + o used to copy the link url (but now collides with some getpocket item :())

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      If you navigate to the Firefox console and press ctrl+B it turns on multiline editor mode.

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