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      Why the choice to use different variables than the nomad cli tool itself?

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        Good question…at one point I had conflicts between them when wanting to point at a different cluster, so I decided to make an explicit config set specifically for wander. I can see how it might be a bit annoying given that 90% of users will have the same values for NOMAD_ADDR/WANDER_ADDR and NOMAD_TOKEN/WANDER_TOKEN.

        I’d be happy to change this in a backwards-compatible way. If you think it’d be valuable, do you mind throwing a thumbs up and/or comment on the issue I created for it here?

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          I also had this, then just ran it locally with WANDER_ADDR=$NOMAD_ADDR wander to try it out. I did expect it to pick up the nomad envars though, other tooling I’ve used around nomad (mostly grown internally to be fair) reuses those envars.

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            Update: wander now uses NOMAD_ADDR and NOMAD_TOKEN (with fallbacks and warnings on the old values) in v0.3.1

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            Ok good to know, thank you. I’ll likely complete that issue and set the prefixes to match :)

            Let me know of any other joys/pains using the tool, either through issues or email which can be found on my github

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      This seems to be a better supported version? Although Wander does seem to do a lot more.

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        Thanks for sharing damon! It is a very cool tool, more directly similar to k9s. I started wander not knowing about its existence, and maybe would have just contributed to it directly if I had known. In the end, I made and continued working on wander to:

        • learn bubble tea and other charm go tools (lipgloss, wish)
        • make something new with fundamental design differences to k9s/damon that made more sense for my use cases

        Damon is the official HashiCorp tool living in their github org, but there’s been good reception of wander there AFAIK. They’ve linked wander in their community tools section.

        With the launch of the “exec commands in a running task” feature this weekend, I do see wander as currently ahead in feature set.