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    I love this post. I started out with a CGA card and wasn’t even aware there were multiple versions. The clever usage of color to allow the user to select between RGB and composite was also a beautiful thing.

    I got back from Assembly a few days ago so these subjects are all fresh in my mind. I got to see plenty of old hardware in action, and meet a great deal of friendly and enthusiastic people from around the world.

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      Ahh, this brings back memories. I can’t count the number of times I got sidetracked and idly made a “screensaver” out of some screwed-up graphics routine that I thought looked wrong, but fun.

      Meta note in case the original author of the post is reading: on Android, your mobile CSS/JS is incredibly difficult to use. Almost all attempts to zoom end in accidentally switching to a different blog post. When I finally do manage to zoom, I can’t scroll horizontally.