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    I’ve been using iOS for about 2 years and only today learned about this feature from this article. It’s really hard to invoke, you need to shake phone with decent force, so I never invoked it accidentally. Very weird feature.

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      I disabled this when I got my first iPhone because it sometimes falsely triggered and haven’t re-enabled it since. Just last week I wanted to undo something I messed up and didn’t even remember that this was a thing at all, thinking there just isn’t undo on iOS (unless you attach a keyboard), which was very frustrating.

      Slightly off-topic, but this leads me to one of my common workflows for text, which is copying on iOS, using the synchronised clipboard to paste into emacs on MacOS, edit my text there, and then copy it back onto my phone to use it, which, while quite ridiculous, just works.

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        I have used iOS for 6–7 years now and I know about the feature, but on the few occasions I wanted to use it, I very carefully shook my phone from side to side, fearing that people around me would think I was crazy if I actually shook my phone.

        Not sure I ever actually successfully triggered the undo action. :|

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          I use this feature a lot. I think the article is spot on about the problems with the feature, but some people might be imagining it as more vigorous/violent than it is.

          It’s hard to communicate this, but I find it’s requires substantially less speed than most people would put into shaking dice in their hand before rolling them. I’m thinking of people who roll dice one handed, not the people who go wild with two hands, like they’re shaking a cocktail.

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            TIL Shake to undo is a thing… I have been using iPhones for at least five years and never once knew this feature existed!

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              I’m 100% sure I would break my phone if I tried this (I don’t own an iPhone, so it wouldn’t do me much good. But for the sake of argument).