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    The second feature is automatic dates. The thing I noticed about all the other static site generators is they leave the time tracking to the author. For me, I hate keeping track of dates.

    That is one of my own pet peeves. I worked somewhere that used a static site generator, and I recall a few times where someone’s post would fail to appear on the blog because they flubbed the date string. E.G., the date was in the future, had a badly formatted timezone, etc. In at least one instance someone wrote PST for the timezone where they should have written PDT, or vice versa. We’d always waste time scratching our heads and trying to figure out what went wrong, only to realize that it was a bad date. Computers are great at this sort of book-keeping, so let them do it.

    One of these days I will write my rant about how much I hate the Gregorian calendar.

    French Revolutionary Calendar FTW?