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      Ah, cat-v. An organization that I agree with strongly when it comes to software design philosophy, and that I disagree with even more strongly on just about everything else…

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        Such as? As a layperson who broadly agrees with Austrian economics, I find myself well-aligned with what I’ve seen of their position on economics.

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      There’s no “they” in cat-v.

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      One thing I especially dislike about this website: often, instead of providing hard reasons on why they consider a piece of software “harmful”, they just give a bunch of random IRC quotes.

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        Totally agree. Even worse is those that have been left as an “exercise for the reader”. And then there’s the hint:

        Here is a hint: complexity is the bane of all software, simplicity is the most important quality

        Which confuses me when one of the records is:

        Subversion, aka svn. | Git, Mercurial (aka hg); hell, even CVS or plain old tarballs would be better than svn.

        Sure, subversion is a mess of a program, but Git is also a mess; I would argue moreso, although that’s more subjective.


        FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris. | OpenBSD.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love OpenBSD, but I wouldn’t describe an OS that performs library reordering on boot as being as simple as possible.

        It’s a shame, because I agree with a lot of the fundamental ideas of cat-v, it’s just the way they’re presented is hugely unpleasant. I feel they give simple software a bad rap in the same way that vegans do.