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    Really interesting, but I think it’s a solution looking for a problem. The problem I have with this idea is that it’ll usually stay within a generation of phones, when instead you’re usually looking to upgrade. Especially the older you get the less likely the similar phones are even available for retail.

    Neat idea though, creating an algorithm that simplifies recommendations. It’s just that it’s only really applicable to devices that have been released within the last ~1.5 years. Any older than that and I’d expect you’d stay with old phones unable to run modern software.

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      This similarity finder is an experimental alternative to the usual “customers who bought x also bought y”. It finds smartphones that have the most similar specs to a given phone.

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        Lol. The iPhone 5 has 1.024 RAMs while the iPhone 5s only has 1 RAM!

        Needs a bit of polishing perhaps. Doesn’t seem like a useful way to search for phones but the comparison graphs are nice.