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      Just be careful about the images stored on your registry. There’s no easy way to clean them.

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          In the past I had issues with my $job’s registry having a LOT of manifests and unreferenced blobs not cleaning. For example, if someone removed all tags of an image, then the blobs would stay forever. I’ve just checked and it seems that it has been fixed in late 2019: https://github.com/docker/distribution/pull/2302

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          If garbage collection is not working, you can download and reupload all images that you care for (or have tags). That was my solution to this.

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        Tumblr released a tool that can help clean up unneeded images based on rules: https://github.com/tumblr/docker-registry-pruner

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      we’re using harbor (https://goharbor.io/) at work and are fairly satisfied.

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      Not sure if I’m missing something but this doesn’t make sense to me:

      It’s not open source but it is Apache licensed so anyone can run it for any purpose.

      I thought the Docker registry was open source?

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