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    People have pointed out that Google is much less reliant on third-party cookies than the competition, because users are probably on a Google-owned platform already, and if they’re not, they’re almost certainly logged in to Google in their session. This doesn’t really impact Google Analytics or Google’s ads, but it does harm their competitors in the user surveillance and ad targeting business, with the benefit of appearing to care about user privacy.

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      This definitely isn’t a bad thing for humanity, though. I wouldn’t mind a world without third-party tracking cookies. I also wouldn’t mind a world with fewer user surveillance and ad targeting companies.

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        Fewer companies mean more unified/combined databases though. That’s not necessarily good news when we’ve been hearing for years that Google is looking to combine medical, financial and government-provided data with their other datasets.

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        I was happy to see GoatCounter come up recently, as I keep thinking “you know, all these cookie warnings are only needed if you use third-party analytics” and was wondering if someone offered analytics without that. I hope this gives them a boost!

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          This is huge, and should prove a big improvement in privacy for people who don’t use fancy cookie blockers (the majority of non-technical folks). I have to wonder how much legitimate stuff this will break.

          I’m also savoring the irony that Google should be the one to lead this initiative…