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Since originally posting the tool a couple of years ago, I had the chance to add the ability to produce EPUB and HTML files in addition to PDF, along with a few other features that make it a better citizen of the command line, and I’ve cut the 1.x release.


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    In combination with hred, you can do fun things like making an EPUB from a RSS feed of boomarks, say the Lobste.rs feed for historical:

    curl https://lobste.rs/t/historical.rss | hred -x "item link @.textContent" -cr | xargs percollate epub --title="Historical Reads"

    It takes a relatively long time to produce, because all images need to be fetched locally and zipped up in the EPUB. (The --debug flag shows resources being fetched).

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      This is pretty nice for generating both HTML and PDF of posts from my blog. Thanks!

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