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    There is also an easter egg in the styling of the traffic graph.

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      pretty cool, the background of the logo reflects the current traffic (and shows the approximate traffic when hovering). seems like it gets stored in a key/value table and doesn’t show up anywhere else in the app (github search + Keystore) (I should have looked at ApplicationController more closely)

      (just realized you are an admin so you know this already)

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        The traffic graph feature itself has an open bug to better reflect the actual distribution of site traffic. I mention this due to the note you have at the bottom of your post:

        I kind of don’t want to deal with mariadb/mysql (or docker/remote server with ansible)

        A test system is available to use. Recently I’ve been flipping it between the work-in-progress branch for ticket #226 and pull-request #579. If dealing with deployment issues is more than you want to face down but you’d like to work on a feature I’d be happy to make it available to you contingent on a ticket you’ve claimed. You’d be able to get right in to the Ruby code.

        Open invitation.

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      I believe the name of the license is “BSD minus advertising clause” or “3 clause BSD”.

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        Not sure if this is the right place for this request: but I would like to be able to see top posts for a specific period on lobste.rs. Would be this be terribly difficult to add as a feature?

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          As far as I understand it the top posts (i.e., hottest) are calculated using ephemeral data. I’m not aware of any mechanism that saves or archives them. What you’re asking about here would need more specificity (elaborating on where and how the history of top posts would be displayed and why that feature benefits users while not imposing any undue burden on those who don’t use it.) before knowing whether it is worth having. As to difficulty: we don’t do feature requests without working code. Whether something is difficult is in part determined by the skill and motivation of the person making the pull-request. You’ll have to answer your own question.

          What’s your use case for this?

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            I want to see the top posts (so most upvoted?) for a 24 hour period/week/month/all-time. This is how I browse most subreddits. Say, you visit once a week: with two clicks you can see the most upvoted (and interesting?) submissions. HN has this same feature, but sparsely implemented: https://news.ycombinator.com/best

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              https://lobste.rs/top/24h https://lobste.rs/top/1w https://lobste.rs/top/1m https://lobste.rs/top/8y

              Syntax defined in app/helpers/interval_helper.rb, used in HomeController#top. No feature to get older time periods, but you could open a PR.

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                This is amazing! Exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

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          OMG, was expecting some “Quick API” paragraph at the end. Sounds like I’ll have to resort to RSS to create a Lobste.rs app.

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            Users have made Lobsters apps in the past. Here are four, I’m not sure this is a complete list:

            It’s clearly possible to write a client for lobste.rs. There are also protocol gateways, specifically for Gopher.

            Sounds like I’ll have to resort to RSS to create a Lobste.rs app

            We’re in control of the stack from the sand (silicon) up. There isn’t a reason to “resort” to anything. If you need a missing feature put it where it belongs.