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    Note: This is a work-in-progress release of the book (7 chapters so far)

    You can find the book’s source materials here if you want to follow development or provide feedback:


    There will be lots of issues early on, so feedback is welcome!

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      I’m really glad this book is being written and hopefully it helps Nix getting more traction and better documentation! I associate the word production with professional deployments and I think the cover with the anime character and furry-like attributes is sending the wrong signal.

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        I think it’s supposed to be reminiscient of textbooks such as “The Manga Guide to Physics”, though the content of that was a manga that taught you physics.

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          Perhaps what we currently deem professional is about to undergo a world of change and stark deviattions such as this is a harbinger of such change.

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            I would hope not. Bland and boring is least alienating, both to different demographics and different time periods. Edit: Changed my mind - burn it all down

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          The parts that I’d most like to see with Nix in production type resources are mostly related to security such as package signing and integrity, security patching and updates, filesystem permissions, SELinux preferred but other LSMs would be welcome as well, or any Nix specific security related issues that are different from traditional Linux packages? Other things that would be cool in the same vain are how to adapt traditional security auditing tools and daemons to nix (because like it or not many production environments mandate such things to check corporate boxes).

          I.e. if I were to use Nix in production are there things I need to learn or be concerned with so I don’t open up my company’s infrastructure to some gaping hole without knowing it.

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            Bought the book, looking forward to high quality sources for learning Nix

            Especially would like to understand how to debug Nix flakes and expressions