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    I stopped reading at the point where they give exclusive credit to Uber and Lyft for the recent decline in (US) driving and car ownership, without citing any data. Population-adjusted vehicle miles traveled peaked around 2005-2007, well before Uber was founded in 2009 and long before Uber was nationally relevant. No mention of transit, oil, bikes, or urban investment patterns. This isn’t economics or sociology or anything else, this is just investor storytime.

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      I have only read a few sections but the lack of references is rather bothersome as well. It reads very much like an opinion-peice, which may very-well be correct, rather than a sober discussion of the issues.

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        Don’t read the section on free software either.

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        I’ve gone through this and as long as I’m in a literary handwavey mood, I’d summarize it as The Rise of Worse is Better in business jargon, hagiographizing the New Jersey style to propagandize VCs committing acts of disaster capitalism.

        Also, for your agile lean mvp pivot you need to break smart. Expect the nonsense in these essays to be bay area Standard Issue Wisdom in six months.