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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.


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    I’m going to work on incorporating Distillery into my social networking product. I’ve used it in one other greenfield client project but this is going to be personal so I have a lot less restraint.

    I’m also finishing up a series of posts about the IndieWeb in hopes of rallying more people to consider it as a network to venture to.

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      I’ve been spending a lot more time lately trying to figure out how to participate more in the IndieWeb. Are your posts online already, or are you going to post them all at once?

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        I’m working on more general posts but there’s a lot of stuff over at https://indieweb.org/why

        Some I’ve written:

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        I’ve read some about it but don’t “get” it. Is the idea that everyone just builds a static personal website?

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          As best as I can tell, it’s that you own your content; which comes down to

          • Owning your domain name
          • Having well-formed site
          • RSS/Atom are important to this because it lets people see when you update content on a schedule they choose, not when an opaque algorithm decides if or when other people should see it (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)
          • A set of guidelines for how to do

          For example, I have a static site that doesn’t need any javascript that fits a lot of this. There’s things like web mentions that you can’t really do with a static site, though.

          It seems the big goal is that you own your content, you’re not beholden to some third party and not locked into a platform. For example, if Pelican somehow became unusable or Netlify went out of business, my posts are just markdown files in a directory. I could pretty easily port them elsewhere.

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        Last week, I built tools for reporting & moderating sandspiel.club posts. Being responsible for keeping up with the reported posts has not been fun or very sustainable, so I’m not sure what the next step is- probably biting the bullet and forcing people to register accounts in order to post.

        …feeling very acutely the difficulties of solving social problems with code

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          Personal projects I worked over the weekend: I built a Flask a server exposing my custom Pandoc environment to typeset from the iPad with Shortcuts. Pull up the share sheet, run the shortcut, get PDF. I also wrote a simple endpoint to transcribe podcast segments. In the same vein, pull up the share sheet in Overcast, run the shortcut, append the podcast URL and transcription to an Evernote note.

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            I am going to steal this. Thank you so much. I’m also an iPad main.

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              You’re welcome. Please, feel free to clone.

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              This is so cool! Are you using Pythonista or Editorial on the iPad? Or something else?

              OK I get zero points for reading comprehension :) You’re not using iPad side Python at alland are doing Shortcuts with small server apps running on your LAN.

              Now for a less stupid question: Have you ever considered using Editorial or Pythonista for any of these workflows?

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                Thanks! So here’s what I use: on the iPad I write Markdown in Drafts and code via ssh and iSH in my server, a Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet. iSH is very capable; it even runs tmux and supports Smart Keyboard combinations such as cmd + . (the classic Mac escape equivalent) as Esc in Vim out of the box – it’s exactly like my desktop, very happy with it. On the desktop I do both in Vim. The best part about the Digital Ocean server is that’s it’s only $5 a month and comes with free domain and free SSL, very easy to just spin one up and host a bunch of personal projects.

                Both the Flask server and the podcast transcription endpoint are in the server, not in my LAN. As I wrote in my initial comment, I access both via two shortcuts which essentially POST and GET via CURL the input files. The Shortcut workflows are accessible from any app that can export a plain text (or sound) file from its Share Sheet. They’re universal, so to speak.

                I thought of trying Editorial but so far happy with what Draft’s offering for free on the iPad. With regards to Pythonista, I don’t need to run Python locally and so far my automation need are being met by Shortcuts.

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                  Glad to hear things are working well for you! Both Pythonista and Editorial are pretty amazing and worth a look IMO.

                  Also yeah Ish is SUPER impressive! Writing a full on X86 emulator for ARM so he could run a Linux kernel under IOS is no mean feat! And as you say it works like a champ! I hope Apple blesses it officially and doesn’t kill it off.

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              I’m having fun hacking all week on HardenedBSD in Ottawa, ON, Canada during BSDCan. I plan to spend a good portion of my time in research mode, learning more about the llvm codebase.

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                I’m learning Kubernetes and writing a life update blogpost. I got my keys to my apartment and as soon as I really move in, then I can start going back to blogging.

                Also working on my GoCon Canada talk for WebAssembly on the server.

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                    wow, probably the best website i ever saw, have fun in canada, i also lived in the united stated (probably less time) and even if there are some great people there it’s just not a great country overall

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                      I’m glad you like my website. What’s your favorite and least favorite parts of it so I can know what to keep the same or improve?

                      The US is great if you fit cleanly into boxes. The US is terrible when you don’t. I don’t fit into boxes cleanly.

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                        favorite parts is the simplicity, contrast, links, content is good too :)

                        least favorite parts: some links are dead and the design could be simplified even more (some and simpler buttons), also i would put the home image on the right to not disturb the browsing flow but depends on your style

                        but the best is when looking at your github and seeing very high-quality repos (and some impressive organizations) and the two letter name (jealous of that :) ) (I would love to have “dot” as username :D, or even better no username, or maybe “.” would be cool too, anyway :D)

                        also i think canada is much better but still not the best, i’m personally moving to copenhagen soon. (for instance i find those two countries pretty ugly but just a personal taste)

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                          Oh no, what links are dead? I thought my dead link scanner would have caught them.

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                  Serializing whatty-doopers for the thingamajig API at work without changing the bazzyhuffer model too much.

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                    last week https://lobste.rs/s/uj1mwo/what_are_you_working_on_this_week#c_wbrk12

                    i got sidetracked mid-week to realize i needed a more powerful templating language for my project, so I started making one (very much inspired by liquid), i would really love some feedback on the initial design (it’s just a early version of a parser for now but it can already parse some pretty complex files).

                    also if some people do know peg i would really appreciate if you could take a look at the grammar (template.pegjs), if you want to hack on it I have a bunch of flags on the parser.

                    anyway, this week i will make the renderer part and add that to my project.


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                      I like how you’re referencing your previous posts, but at some point, won’t it get too deep to find the actual original post and see what you’re working on? Maybe create some kind of a tree/graph structure inside of your self-links?

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                        ok, let’s make it a graph :) 7 days 13 days 20 days 28 days 35 days

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                          Having thought about it, I think a skip-list might be the way to do it, but isn’t that just a special kind of graph?

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                            re-reading your comment, i get the skip-list idea now (e.g. get quickly to any post including the first one) and the previous comment kind of does that too, i like to keep it organic and weird :)

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                      Marrying Serverless React with The Facebook Stack …. in other words making Relay work / cope with AWS AppSync ….

                      After years of happy designing and programming I’m lost again in the future …. where our job will be declare + configure …. so nasty :)

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                        “API plumbing” :)

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                          Diving into deep cold water … attention level 120% … no hope :)

                          I’ve learned a few frameworks in the past like WordPress, Rails, Yii, Webpack / Gulp …. and I knew I’ll succeed. Now I’m at the mercy of the unknown and incomplete / not always working official docs …

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                        Struggling a bit at work. Excited about transitioning to an automation role and trying to do a cogent design while dealing with the constant back beat of background tasks that make it hard to maintain focus.

                        I realize that’s kinda Vague-lobstering but there you go :)

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                          I’ve been working on a drop in plugin to compile PyTorch models with TVM into native CPU code. The results have been great with a trivial two line addition to a classic resnet model giving a 2-3x speed up over the regular backend (which suffers from thread contention)


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                            Fighting with the lazy side of myself again to rewrite the code of this portion of a project for work for a THIRD TIME. $@$#^@# this iterative style is crap, just give me specs pls. After that I need to get the next project which is integrating elastic search with sharding and reindexing into our product roughed out before the end of the week. Shouldn’t be too hard unless I bust my hand up punching walls over this first one. goosfrabah.

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                              • Still working to finalise v2.5 of KSSL (continuing from https://lobste.rs/s/utjvp4/what_are_you_doing_this_weekend#c_vsizbr).

                                • while building in different shells I added a checksum… check, to ensure the shells build the same thing. Turns out the generated api documentation isn’t the same (as sh) under mksh or posh. I haven’t looked into it yet but $20 says it’s a character class issue.
                              • Been talking to a potential new (additional) client so probably some scheduling if that goes ahead

                              • The wet season is approaching quickly so it’s time to shift from “dig trenches and lay drainage pipes” to “lay a metric fuck-ton of gravel” to prevent the house becoming an island in a sea of mud.

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                                Well HOT DOG. Achievement unlocked. https://bitbucket.org/koalephant/shell-script-library/src/default/CHANGELOG.md?at=version%2F2.5.0

                                Also, no $20 for me from… me? I guess. It was an unnecessarily escaped hash (\#) symbol in a parameter substitution.

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                                At work our manual release testing uncovered some bugs in our build process and our installer, and since I was the first person doing the testing I was volunteered to fix them. Boring work, but it has to be done.

                                Outside of work I’m trying to cut down on my computer time.

                                Looks like we’ll have nice weather, so I’d like to get some mountain biking in. I need to work on my bike handling and getting over technical terrain, both up and down hill. I’ve also been practicing wheelies - I’m terrible so far, but I’ve yet to flip over backwards.

                                I’m also reading a collection of Jorge Luis Borges short stories, “The Aleph and Other Stories.” I read another collection years ago, but it’s my first time reading most of these. They’re entertaining stories and often touch on math, logic, and paradoxes, so it’s been a fun read.

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                                  In the last week or two, I built an [SM]MS microblogging site for myself and a few other people. It’s in a pretty stable state in that I use it regularly and I have all the auto-ops stuff set up so merging PRs to master goes to “prod.” There’s a fair amount of work to take the codebase from “MVP I slapped together in a night or two” to “this isn’t too bad to work with,” and then I have a litany of small and large features I want to work on.

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                                    i really love simple interfaces and sms/calls are the best at that. i’m thinking of going further and actually send letters automatically, maybe even receive letters kinda like forms and then process them.

                                    that would be the dream interface, no computer, just any random phone that could be picked up from any store, and for visuals, actual printed paper :)

                                    there could even be some kind of automatic handwritten text to make it more human

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                                      Yep. I’ve debated trying a bunch of experiments, first with emails; Maybe collect all your thoughts and once a month or however long you can roll up all the posts and photos.

                                      One thing though is that I’m debating supporting sending audio attachments, and I’m not sure how that plays with everything. The nice thing about having the site small, focused, and purposeful is that it’s fairly easy still to experiment.

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                                    We had two new hires at work start yesterday (Monday) out of a (now) 10-man team, so will spend some time getting them up to speed and doing pair-programming, presenting tech stacks and the ins and outs of our platform.

                                    At home, I am working on making my balcony/porch ready for summer - spent the weekend scrubbing and cleaning it (removing algae and dirt), and tonight it will receive the first layer of new wood oil. Timing seems to be just right (DK weather is going from ~10C towards ~20C over the new few weeks)

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                                      I dusted off the draft of an old math paper of mine and am debugging it so I can put it on the arXiv. It involves a new approach to computing the curvature tensor of a certain Riemannian metric that I had high hopes for, but turned out to only yield pretty but useless formulas. I figure I should get it out there so other people can avoid wasting time doing that.

                                      I’m also learning me some Erlang from the book that was posted here a few days ago. I’m going through about a chapter every couple of days. So far the language seems pretty simple and nice.

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                                        Well, pretty formulas are nice too ;) I still think putting out a paper is cool. I have a MSc in math, but I still don’t think I would be able to publish something novel.

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                                          Figuring out something novel is more a matter of time than anything else. I think it was Kodaira who said about discovering new math that you just keep learning about a subject, and one day you learn something no one knew before.

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                                        • All the driving, off to collect my boss and chauffeur him to head office. Should be fun, he can put a good music mix on in a car if nothing else.
                                        • In the limited few days I have at home, getting miles in on the bike. Couple of 70+ mile bike ride events booked in at the start of next month to prepare for.
                                        • Car #4 is off to the scrap yard whilst I’m away. Got a price that made it not worth having tyre-kickers coming and lowballing offers for it. Drove it a short distance at the weekend and still really didn’t gel with it, so happy it’s off and out the way.
                                        • Trying out OmniFocus for a GTD system after hearing good things about it from various people. As ever, half the battle seems to be figuring out the tool. Early days, but seems more useful than not.
                                        • Hitting cloud with terraform a lot at $work, need to migrate some bits between providers and upgrade other bits at the same provider. Mostly the issues seem to be figuring out how to do the migration of things in tf without downtime.
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                                          Work: writing more API glue code and associated UI.

                                          Non-work-but-work: looking for a new job. I have an interview booked early next week for a role doing the same sort of thing I did years ago. It doesn’t really make sense from a career progression perspective, but I really want to work in greentech and there are not many options available in my location. Companies that do “remote” don’t seem to want to hire someone in UTC+13 :/

                                          Actual non-work: starting to lay some plans for a forest garden in the front yard, and some bio-intensive beds in the back yard. I want to run a trial of double-dig vs no-dig on some beds. Also planning some hikes in the near future.


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                                            Trying to see if I can get a PR merged, bump a submodule, and bump out new RPMs for a repo I don’t control, all before the week ends.

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                                              I worked on optimizing tests in my spare time. As I complained about a month ago some tests we ran often were slow and required many manual steps. The slower tests took about an hour, and now take between 2 seconds and 3 minutes. I didn’t receive any feedback, which kind of killed my motivation. I’m happy this is my last week at this employer.

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                                                Work: Our team is visiting another office for meetings, activities, and training sessions.
                                                I am still working on an application for importing document metadata.

                                                I started reading The Phoenix Project and am about halfway through Legal Systems Very Different From Ours.