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I asked former editors of DMOZ if they would like to continue working on a human edited directory.

100 of them replied with mixed emotions, but nearly all of them are willing to contribute to the development of a DMOZ successor.

So, I build a platform (just a forum and a wiki at the moment) to collect all these likeminded people and start building something great together.

Tell me what you think about humanly curated web directories in 2017 or your ambitions to be a user or a contributor of a decent successor of the ODP.

Thank you for your feedback!

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      I think human curated directories for specific niches are an idea worth pursuing. It’s essentially a link aggregator without the time domain.

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      I like the idea. I’ll chip in what I can

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      I particularly miss Yahoo Directories as its categories and curation helped me discover a lot of good content. I think there’s definitely a place for such directories. Wikipedia seems to have substituted a bit with all its lists of related topics, terms, and tech. Still not ideal for this job, though.

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        I agree. And I would love to see you on curlz.org – a discussion on the goals and expectations is currently started…